Make A Whiteboard

There are several means to accomplish a whiteboard. Depending on what your end ambition is and the account that you accept to plan with, one of these methods may plan best for you. If you wish to accomplish your own bargain whiteboard or dry abolish lath you just charge a few food and the time to put it calm - traveling this avenue can save a lot of money and does not crave abundant skill. The superior of a DIY whiteboard depends on how you accomplish it, just because the amount of a bargain whiteboard is low does not beggarly that it will attending cheaply made.

Listed beneath are the altered types of ample whiteboards that can be made, their advantages, disadvantages, and the abstracts bare to accomplish them.

For all of these projects you will charge a few tools. About this will require:

- drill

- cement (liquid nails, or something similar)

- saw

- screws or added adapter accessories (hangers, wire, etc)

Melamine Whiteboard

Go to your bounded accouterments abundance and attending for a ample breadth of a artificial searching actual alleged "melamine". This is the aforementioned actual that is acclimated to band showers. It is acutely bargain and will acquiesce you to body a actual ample dry abolish lath for a low cost. Since this actual is about thin, it works best if you attach it anon to a bank with cement or screws in the corners. If this is not an advantage you can put a stiffer abetment actual on it in adjustment to accumulate it from warping. That's about all there is to it. This is acceptable the quickest and cheapest advantage for authoritative your own whiteboard.


- Bargain ($35 for a 4' x 8' area)

- Easy to plan with


- Can calmly warp

- Known to leave "ghosting" marks from dry abolish markers over time. This can be - bargain by approved cleaning.

Plexiglass / Lexan Whiteboard

Again, your bounded accouterments or ability abundance should accept the actual you need. In this case, if you wish to accomplish a plexiglass whiteboard, you should be absent a added cellophane searching surface. Plexiglass can aswell be begin in assorted colors and tints, if that is what you want. Plexiglass is a bit stiffer and if acclimated on the bank should not charge a abetment material. It is easiest to acquisition a section in the admeasurement that you wish for the able whiteboard unless you accept the capabilities to cut it to admeasurement at home. Ascent can be able with or afterwards a anatomy and is calmly done to walls with approved screws.


- Assorted colors and tins available

- Stiffer and best lasting

- Apparent cleans actual easily


- Added big-ticket ($40-$50 for a 4' x 8' area)

- Harder to plan with

Glass Whiteboard

A bottle bootleg white lath can be acclimated in added means than the acceptable lath afterwards some added work. Since it is transparent, it can be acclimated in a freestanding address or adjoin a bank as is usually the case with accustomed whiteboards. The added plan bare with a bottle whiteboard comes in the anatomy of a added customized ascent solution. About there are two means to do this. First, body a anatomy - like a window anatomy - that deeply holds the glass. Secondly, you can administer your ascent accouterments to the behind anon and leave the bottle unframed or with a basal frame. For this blazon of activity you wish to use assurance glass.


- Can be added customized as both abandon could be used

- Has a added "advanced" attending and feel to it

- Cleans easily


-More big-ticket than the antecedent two options and requires added plan ($75 for a 4' x 8' area)

Whiteboard Paint

There a altered types of dry abolish whiteboard acrylic accessible from several companies. The acrylic can about be activated to about any surface, including textured walls. However, the accuracy of the apparent can accept an aftereffect on the affluence of erasing. In accession to transforming a bank or added apparent into a dry abolish whiteboard, this blazon of acrylic can aswell be acclimated to resurface an old whiteboard. These paints about yield 3 to 7 canicule to cure - they charge to cure above-mentioned to use with any dry abolish markers.


- Can about-face non compatible breadth into a whiteboards

- Largest breadth whiteboard accoutrement possible


- Can be added big-ticket ($65-$250 for a 4' x 8' area)

- Takes several canicule to cure above-mentioned to use

Stick-on whiteboard cycle Whiteboard

There are whiteboard articles accessible that appear in rolls. You abolish the accoutrement from the adhering abetment and administer it to the apparent that you wish to accomplish into a whiteboard. About these tend to be over average apparent superior - the capital breadth of affair is accepting the band like artefact on afterwards wrinkles in the surface. If you yield your time and administer the rolls boring and anxiously it tends to plan out well. These are awash beneath assorted names like "dry abolish rolls", "whiteboard on a roll", and "write 'n wipe" to name a few.


- Can be actual bargain (depends on supplier and length/width ordered)

- Added adjustable than a adamant whiteboard


-Can be catchy to administer correctly

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